They Were All Alan Smithee

by The Anti Inflammatory Action Force

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    Sometimes bits of paper have strange names written on them, I thought it was time to celebrate this.

    This album was written and recorded in 1 Day. The mixing had to be revisited the next day. This is the 5th 1 Day album to be released by The Anti Inflammatory Action Force.

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What does it mean to be human?
Where is the milk?
Who the hell wrote down Alan Smithee on that bit of paper?

This album answers none of those questions.

It was written and recorded in 1 Day on February 26th, 2011.

I would like to extend a hearty thanks to everyone who came to hangout that day. Whether you were actually on the album or not, your presence helped shape the way that day went.

Also, an extra special thanks to Eric Beauchner, for giving me pacing space, and doing all the mixing on this album. He makes this stuff listenable, check him out.


released March 5, 2011

Way too many people to list here at once. Check each individual song for who did what.



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The Anti Inflammatory Action Force San Leandro

The Anti Inflammatory Action Force is the deformed, beaten, and often neglected brain child of Gavin. It is a work in progress that is always finished. It is a final project that is never done.

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Track Name: The Marks of Strangulation
Blisters set in with fury
Pull tender flesh underneath
Come on babe, I'm in a hurry
I said my prayers, and now I'll feast

And I don't find it consoling
and I don't think it's a treat
Dry tongue cracks and your eyes bulge out
and I still can't find peace

I'll be busy in the wastelands
and I will hunt my compensation
and they will never be the same again
The Marks of Strangulation

Whoever said I was lucky?
Whoever said I was doing fine?
No one knows what the world thinks
It went and left us behind

I once held hope for beauty
I once invested in love
Until I placed myself in duty
Much like my hand inside this glove

I'll be busy in the wastelands
and I will hunt my compensation
and they will never be the same again
The Marks of Strangulation

If I could bring about the ending
If I could just ignore temptation
But now I sense we're all descending
Into The Marks of Strangulation
Track Name: King Big Tree
It can never be taken seriously as an art form
It's a footnote

I wanted to publish a book
about the secret life
It's a footnote

I have been sent by people different then you to say things other than you naturally would
Naturally would

It's 100% real
It's genuine article leather

But, some of us can't be helped
and some of us can't be responsible

Genuine Leather

How many different occasions in your life has there been?
Been? Been?

Oh boy, who doesn't wanna? Who doesn't wanna?
Who doesn't wanna? Who doesn't wanna?

There's no one available
No one available

Once more with feeling

Un-interrupted times cannot be proven against what could have been real

If I stepped on someone's foot, I'm sorry
I'm sorry
There is no need to apologize to me!
To me

Tisk, Tisk, Tisk.
Track Name: Dance Club
(Check it)
We gonna have a knitting party

Gotta knit yourself some sneakers
Gotta knit yourself some stockings
I'm probably peaking honey
I'm probably peaking in the night
Night time is the best time
See how I saved that line?
Dance Club

(Do you appreciate me? I find it to be unlikely that you do)

Now the carpet can't stop growing
And the mold is clearly showing
And the babbling brook babbles on
to the language nobody speaks
Nobody speaks that esperanto

Esperanto Spaldanacious

Taking things from people is easier than it seems when you have ovenmits

I'm gonna fill you with glue
I'm gonna glue your blood inside your veins and then I'm gonna!
I'm not gonna tell you.

(Your rhyming skills are inadequate, you should be removed)

Sometimes when I put steel next to the veal, OH YOU KNOW.


(Brush my teeth, brush them twice, brush them twice)

Who put my favorite fork away

(Cletus? Or Clitoris?)

Why no it was not I, even though I have the same voice

My bone marrow dances, but my bones just can't
Track Name: Which Was Lucy?
Cosmic thoughts in his sandbox
He wiggles a bit and drudges up a smile
Life is awfully long when you think about it
He dreams of orange walls, and lays down

Who's the one who brings me all my phone calls?
Who's the one who packed me up a lunch?
Who's the one who gives me all of my pills?
Who's the one?

Lucy stands at night beside the old man
She's been at his side many nights before
She once drove the truck that hit him
And she loves to rebuild all the things she broke
Track Name: Carnival
Step right, step right up
Come on into my freak show
We've got terrors that you've never seen
A three headed girl named Calypso

Children choirs, lightbulb lips
Buisness dogs with pinwheel hips
Alligator girls named Buttercup
Fresh baked rulers with cranberry sauce

Herbert, The Mandolin Player
See him short and stout
See him next to The Bovine Boy
The one with the gaping snout

Old people on trampolines
Freaking Kevin out
And he screams

Fingers fused in a bouquet
Lobster Man, what do you have to say?
(Kill Me)
Track Name: And So We Say Goodnight (With a Treat of Meat)
Time is floating forward
The trees will soon fall down
Movies with Mel Gibson are bound to come around
And so we say goodbye
We know it's not forever
The biggest treats are made of meat
But you never want the lions seat
Because they're shitty carpenters